How to create a high performing organization in a disruptive environment

Contributed by Sandy Spataro, INSPIRECORPS Inspired Performance Organizations: The 4 capabilities necessary to create a high-performing organization in today’s disruptive and dynamic environment. The Story of Change History has taught us that the only thing we can rely on is the consistency of change. In recent years, the pace of change is accelerating at an unprecedented […]

My Summer 2018 Executive Letter!

Happy Summer to the greater NCHRA Community — as well as those who are considering joining our community…. This past spring, here at the Next Concept HR Association, we’ve been enjoying viewing HR West 2018 photos in the Facebook gallery as we eagerly await the 3rd annual HR TechXpo coming up in August. On the […]

Member Profile Q&A: Steven Yee, GravitateTraining

Steven Yee PRINCIPAL, GravitateTRAINING NCHRA Member Since 2008 What led you to Human Resources as a profession? The fairly early end of my pursuit to become an ophthalmologist – graduating from high school, I had the wide-eyes prize to make a difference in the world through medicine.  Well, at UCLA college chemistry, I discovered medicine […]