Organizational Values: The Most Underutilized Corporate Asset

By Eugene Dilan, Psy.D. , Forbes Councils – CEO,  DILAN Consulting Group Originally published by     After over 30 years of working with organizations globally, I can confidently state that most companies don’t fully understand and embrace organizational values. Further, those that do have a competitive edge. You only have to read the headlines to see […]

Navigating Employee Experience

Contributed by David Kovacovich, HR West 2018 Speaker We head into HR West ready to be introduced to a variety of new ways in which to engage our employees. Having been in the Human Capital Management business for a decade, I can confirm that the chase the Golden Ticket to engagement remains ever-elusive. While technology, […]

Perfectionism in the Workplace – A Rising Challenge

By Bart Magee, Senior Consultant, DILAN Consulting Group Perfectionism is on the rise in society and in the workplace, meaning that business leaders need to be more prepared to manage employees with perfectionist attributes. An excess of perfectionism in the workplace leads to a number of negative results including poisonous stress and anxiety, difficulty building […]