Already using 360 feedback? Here’s how to leverage your collected data!

Contributed by 7Geese – HR TechXpo Presenters* and Exhibitors **** Everyone should have an idea of how the data collected from 360 feedback can be leveraged to better employee performance. If you’re a supporter of peer or cross-departmental feedback, chances are you’re already using if not considering 360 feedback. Because it’s such an effective way […]

Employee Engagement is Way Down, Here are 3 Tips for Companies to Bring It Up!

Follow our Employee Engagement Summer Series for tips on keeping employees engaged, focused and productive, and how to provide a great company experience! Most American employees, it turns out, aren’t all there. Contributed by Don Rheem, CEO, E3 Solutions. In other words, the majority of U.S. workers aren’t engaged in their jobs. In its recent Employee Engagement […]

Leadership Challenges Can Be Solved by Coaching

Contributed by Christine Tao – Co-founder and CEO, Sounding Board. There’s so much going on in today’s fast-evolving workplace, especially when you’re expected to lead a team. From setting priorities to creating a high performing team, the daily grind can sometimes overshadow what leaders should be doing, which is to motivate, inspire, and set the […]