Infinite Possibilities – Booth 66

Infinite Possibilities, center for alternative workplace wellness solutions and HR consulting, complements the support companies receive from traditional benefit/ broker provider relationships. How do we do this? We collaborate with Silicon Valley’s most innovative small-medium size employers to design and implement a workplace wellness strategy that fits with the company culture and environment. Our alternative workplace wellness solutions include: Personal Well-Being Fundamentals, a 10-week program for enhancing employees’ overall well-being; Guided Meditation/ Mindfulness for better focus; Energy/ Reiki healing to feel refreshed and restored; Heart and S.O.U.L. Nutrition, a 5 or 12-week program to eating cleaner and healthier; Restorative Yoga; and Executive/ Leadership Coaching to equip leaders to effectively manage their own stress and burnout, while inspiring their teams. If you truly are committed to bringing the WHOLE person to work and are looking for a more holistic and alternative approach to wellness in the workplace, give Infinite Possibilities a call.
Shyloh Soares, Founder, Principal Consultant/Coach
(510) 737-2037

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