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Create a Culture of Ownership! OpaConnect, is a elegantly simple performance alignment system that creates a direct link between the strategy of the organization and key initiatives, team priorities, employee goals and cultural values. The system guides conversations between managers and employees that encompass achievement against goals, contribution to team projects and display of core behaviors.  For managers, OpaConnect provides an instant snapshot of the status of organizational initiatives and the resources allocated to them. Employees can seek regular feedback, get timely recognition and see how their activities and those of coworkers connect to the organization’s purpose.

OpaConnect’s organizational performance alignment software was developed by experienced HR practitioners to replace time-consuming and demotivating performance reviews, with a system which is intuitive for staff and insightful for management teams in growing their business. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, OpaConnect works with businesses, non-profits and governmental organizations to create engaged performance cultures.

Jill Pappenheimer
(415) 305-8228

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