Need more ideas on how to solve your organization’s culture problems?

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Russ Elliot,SPHR Founder, Chief Consultant, Conscious Culture Group
HR West 2018 Speaker

Do you need to get your leadership team begin (or continue) the discussion on company culture and the connection to attracting and retaining employees?

Where are the gaps that lie between your C-Suite and HR’s understanding of how, where and why culture is understood by the employees?

As an HR professional, now, for over 30 years, I know how tough it can be to get the senior leadership team to see the importance and impact of culture!

I urge you and your leadership team to take this 1-minute culture survey:

You will receive the immediate results and a report summary that includes steps to take to move forward to solve culture problems.

This valuable information will lead to important leadership culture conversations and provide you with ideas on what YOU can use to be able to build your company’s culture and/or continue to build it even further

Learn more about building culture at the session entitled Joy at Work: Creating a Conscious Intentional Culture at HR West 2018 on March 6, 10:50a.m.

Be sure to register to attend this special “conscious culture” session to learn how leaders can create and influence their organizational culture in intentional ways with practical approaches!



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