HR’s PR Problem and What You Can Do About It

March 7, 2017
3:25pm  -  4:40pm

A good manager can play an integral role in the success of a company, ensuring that employees have the right tools, training and support to drive a company’s bottom line. Despite how critical this role can be for a business, most executives and employees have a negative view of HR, likely from previous bad experiences.

Some executives perceive HR as “not strategic,” an unnecessary cost that rarely adds value and a function can be easily outsourced. Employees have even harsher views, such as “joke,” “management’s hatchet” “playing the executive card to protect a bad, tenured manager,” useless… The list goes on. Human Resources has a horrible PR crisis on its hands.

This session will focus on real feedback garnered from top C-­level executives and employees on perceptions about HR, and advice from a PR executive on winning back their hearts and minds using a simple framework.


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