How to Use Agile Feedback to Scale Your Company Culture

March 7, 2017
10:50am  -  12:20pm

Workplace Application:  Gain actionable insights for how to implement an agile, continuous feedback program that scales company culture and increases performance. 

As vast numbers of companies shift away from traditional performance management reviews, employee engagement tends to drop unless the entire corporate culture evolves in tandem. The evidence is clear that employees in progressive organizations crave real-time feedback that is focused on helping them grow and develop. In this session, attendees will learn from the lessons of two rapid-growth startups on how they built a culture of agile, “always-on” feedback from the ground up, and how their developmentally-focused feedback processes have helped accelerate hiring, engagement, retention, and catalyzed individual and organizational performance. Companies at any size who are looking to instill innovation across their organization and modernize their approach to performance development will benefit from their stories.

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