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We look forward to having you speak at HR West 2018—dedicated for over 34 years to advancing HR in the most innovative place on earth—and with the largest attendance ever!

Presentation Tips

  1. Slide Format
    We welcome personal style and creativity in PowerPoint presentations. However, for consistency we do ask you to include the following:

    • First slide: *Marketed title of presentation, speaker(s) name and speaker(s) title.
    • Last slide: Speaker(s) contact information.
    • All slides: Download the HR West logo to the left (resize as needed).
    • If your slides are colored, please use this transparent logo on those slides.
    • Projectors will be set to 4:3

Join HR West 2018 as an Attendee!

As a speaker, you’re invited to attend the conference on the day you’re speaking. If you’d like to add the full conference, we offer a special rate for our speakers. Please email our office at nchra@nchra.org to register. Visit  www.hrwest.org  for conference details.

Hotel Room Block

We’ve reserved a block of rooms for HR West attendees at the City Center Marriott. Rooms are $236/night and sell out quickly. Book your room online  or call 877-901-6632.

Start Promoting Your Session Now through March  

A rising tide raises all ships. Let’s piggy-back each other’s promotional efforts and we welcome your co-marketing ideas. Here are a few tools you can use to promote your session and the conference as a whole:

Session Title and Link: Your official marketed title and link  will be live soon and can be found at hrwest.org/sessions/Click on your individual session, and copy the url for your session description which you can link to from emails, social media posts, and more.

Speaker Discount: Attendees can receive a discount on registration through you, so feel free to share your promo code widely as a way to provide a nice benefit to your audience and to remind them of your speaking session. If your forgot your discount code, please email our publicist, Laurie Pehar Borsh, at lauriepeharborsh@lpbpr.com.

NCHRA Blog: Contact our publicist, Laurie Pehar Borsh, at lauriepeharborsh@lpbpr.com about submitting a blog for our website which we will promote to our community of over 30,000 HR professionals as well as over our social media channels.

2017 Most Valuable Post Awards: Nominate yourself by November 3rd for one of your recent HR blog posts you posted anywhere on the Internet for the 2017 Most Valuable Post Awards. Finalists will be announced on November 29th. Once finalists are announced, we will open up voting to HR readers. Voting ends on December 8. Winners will be announced December 13th. Learn more at http://hrwest.org/hrinnovatorcontest/.

Media: Do you have a website or any videos, blog posts, whitepapers, tip sheets, infographics, or case studies you can share with us? We’d love to use them to promote your session. Please share them with our publicist, Laurie Pehar Borsh, at lauriepeharborsh@lpbpr.com.

Button: Scroll down on this webpage to click on and download the “I’m Speaking at HR West 2018” button below. You can use it on your website, social media, and email signature. Your session will be live soon and can be found at hrwest.org/sessions/. Once it is live, please link your button to the url for your session description.

EmailsSend an email to your prospects and clients describing your session and sharing your Speaker discount code with them. If you have a list of contacts greater than 5,000 records, please contact Ingrid Stabb, AVP of Marketing, at istabb@nchra.org about your availability to co-market by email, print mail, or PR and your interest in co-marketing opportunities.

Social Media Contest:  Participate in our annual social media contest by sharing your personal session information, or a blog post you’ve submitted to the blog (our publicist will email you a link upon publishing) –  using #HRWest18. Stay tuned for more information after January 1, 2018 at http://hrwest.org/hrinnovatorcontest/.

Twitter: Starting now, tweet about the event using #HR and feel free to share your Speaker Discount Code with your Twitter followers in public tweets. During the event, tweet on #HRWest18 to reach attendees in the audience and on #HR to reach the greater worldwide community of people interested in HR. Also, please follow us @hrwestconf and @NCHRAConnect and re-tweet our tweets.

Facebook: Like us on Facebook (facebook.com/NCHRA) and share our posts. Share your Speaker Promo discount code and invite people to “Learn more at HR West 2018, March 5-7, www.hrwest.org” Or post your own stories on your page and link back to www.hrwest.org.

LinkedIn: Post on your LinkedIn page about your session topic/industry news, share your Speaker Promo discount code and invite people to “Learn more at HR West 2018, March 5-7, www.hrwest.org” Or you can follow our LinkedIn company and group pages and comment and like our posts.

NCHRA Social Link Community: Post your session and other useful content in the online community of NCHRA.org to engage with our community of engaged HR professionals. Contact our Associate Director of Marketing, Stacie Moore at smoore@nchra.org for complimentary login information.

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