Adam Utley, CoFounder, The Yes Works

HR West 2016 speakerAdam Utley, as a co-founder of The Yes Works, has turned his decade of improvisation experience into helping businesses solve the problems they think can’t be solved. Since graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in 2004, Adam has found that no matter what the setting, a regular practice of improvisation gives people the confidence to synthesize their own ideas with the ideas of others. Together, in that way, they attain a height greater than they imagined.

Adam knows that every astute mind in business from Alexander Graham Bell to Jack Welch has had the audacity to value their own brilliance and the genius of the people around them. Adam has proven and will continue to prove his investment in the nuances of making improvisation accessible to all human brains, regardless of profession. Adam’s TEDx talk link (with improvisation collective Muh Grog Zoo): A regular practice of improv and commitment to living its principles nourishes all four parts of a person’s mind, body, soul, and bank-account.

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