Ann Tardy, CEO, LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership

As a former Silicon Valley corporate attorney and a current CEO, Ann knows people from many dynamics. Working alongside some of the best and brightest lawyers, entrepreneurs, VCs, and business owners, Ann incorporated companies, negotiated mergers, managed venture-backed financings, and held the hands of many anxious CEOs, and loved it. She then started her own law firm representing over 75 entrepreneurs, grew it until her CEOs became friends, and then sold it to a larger firm that continues to represent entrepreneurs and start-ups nationwide.
In 2003 Ann followed her passion to work with leaders and launched LifeMoxie Mentoring & Leadership to transform corporate America by transforming where and how people lead. Her programs, books and speeches are loved by clients such as Kaiser Permanente, Duke Energy, Macy s, and Cabela's. As a speaker and author, Ann prepares people to execute powerfully in ever-changing environments.
From keynotes to executive retreats, Ann influences audiences with her experiences and her 25 years of leadership. She is the author of three books: Ambition on a Mission (2007), Moxie for Managers (2011), Why Mentoring Matters (2013). Her fourth book will be published in 2018! They have become popular books for companies that are committed to creating strong leaders and strong cultures in this fiercely competitive marketplace.

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Speaker Session:
Keynote Session: Pedal More, Honk Less: The Cycling CEO’s Quest to Discover What Makes People Love their Job and their Boss
Leading AND Managing: Strategies for Excelling at Both

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