Bruce Calvin, President , Calvin Associates, Inc.

Bruce Calvin at HR West 2017Bruce L. Calvin, J.D., is the President of Calvin Associates, Inc. - a global corporate advisory firm that works with CEOs, CFOs and executives who need support with organizational integration and intervention matters with a clear focus on enhancing overall individual and team professional development. Mr. Calvin’s background and core experience lie in driving team dynamics to a more positive dimension guided by each organization’s culture and internal dynamics. Understanding that each organization is unique, he provides a solid background in change management, development and transition. He is able to effectively support individuals and/or teams recognize that their core value lies in their being more effective and making the needed transition to a more positive and productive level. He helps existing teams refocus on their goals and outcomes, and works confidentially with executives when sensitive organizational integration issues require senior management coaching, conflict resolution, outside third party internal investigations and other neutral work. Mr. Calvin brings over 35 years of global organizational expertise across a wide range of industries, including semiconductor, healthcare, financial, aerospace, nonprofit, chemical and transportation. He has worked at both the executive level and as a consultant supporting various-sized organizations from Fortune 500 elite to startups.

Speaker Session:
HR's Partnership Challenge: Not Being Everything to Everyone

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