David Baldwin, President, Leadership Insight Group LLC

David has delivered proven ROI leadership development work resulting in financial business success for Fortune 500 companies to more than 10,000 executive participants. He is certified in over 100 psychometric self-report and 360 assessment instruments, online/F2F experiential simulations, and has delivered over 400 leadership and team interventions to non-profits along with 2/3 of the Fortune 100 globally. David acquired his expertise and interest in leadership while working in the television, service and educational industries with positions at CBS, ESPN, and Nordstrom. In addition to holding a full-time faculty position for over a decade with the Center for Creative Leadership (www.CCL.org), he is the principal consultant and owner of the Leadership Insight Group LLC (www.LIG360.com). David holds a master’s of science degree in communication studies with a focus on organizational leadership behavior from Illinois State University, and a bachelor’s degree in speech communication with an emphasis in television broadcasting and social psychology.

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Change Leadership: Connecting with Your Personal Style

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