Kaleana Markley, Wellbeing Director, Sequoia Consulting Group

Kaleana Markley runs the Health & Well-being Department at Sequoia Consulting Group, evaluating and rolling out programs, strategic perks, and employee engagement strategies for high-growth and high-profile tech companies in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York City.
With a Masters in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and a background in Recruitment and Human Resources, Kaleana’s work focuses on helping clients identify the short- and long-term needs of employees (Physical, Emotional, and Financial) in order to implement benefits, perks, and programs to attract and retain top talent within their organizations. With clients like SquareSpace, Dropbox, and Fitbit, she helps design programs that incorporate elements of originally, accessibility, and high technology - all of which Sequoia has found are essential to the retention and engagement of employees.
Kaleana was named one of EBA’s Most Influential Women in Benefits in 2017 and has served on many large conference panels, including SXSW this year.

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Employee Well-Being Offerings: Luxury or Necessity?

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