Lauren Aguilar,PhD Partner, Forshay Inc.

Lauren Aguilar, PhD, is a leading expert on diversity and inclusion. Lauren specializes in translating the science of diversity into actionable strategies that organizations and teams can use to foster more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Lauren’s superpower is using a data-driven, yet human centered, approach to diversity and inclusion. Her research on diversity, team dynamics, belonging, and communication has been published in Physics Today, Gender News, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and the Journal of Personality. As a thought leader, she has been featured in Fast Company and Top Employer and was named a “Distinguished Emerging Global Leader” by Womensphere. Prior to Forshay, a research scientist and co-director of a diversity fellowship/mentorship program at Stanford University, Lauren has taught courses on diversity at Stanford University where she was a postdoctoral fellow Clayman Institute for Gender Research and the Department of Psychology and Columbia University where she earned her PhD in social psychology.

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