Lorna Borenstein, CEO and Founder, Grokker

Lorna Borenstein is an internet veteran who began her career launching eBay Canada out of her guestroom with a newborn in tow. After over 20 stressful years in high-profile roles at eBay, HP, Yahoo!, and Move, it was time for a change. With a holistic approach and a commitment to put herself first, Lorna transformed her own physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Then she founded Grokker to help others do the same. As the founder and CEO of Grokker, Lorna is on a mission to redefine global business culture and champion employee well-being. Grokker is a holistic, global wellness program that helps, guides, and inspires busy people on their personal journey to well-being. Loved by users in 172 countries around the world and used by top employers like eBay, Aetna, and Pinterest, Grokker was named to the 2017 CNBC Upstart 25 list for successful startups. Lorna has practiced law in both Canada and the United States. She is an avid yogi, mother of three with her husband, David, and an active fundraising member of various charities supporting women's reproductive health, civil rights (LGBTQ in particular), and adolescent anxiety and depression.

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