Maureen Berkner Boyt, Founder & Head Moxie, The Moxie Exchange

Maureen is the Founder of The Moxie Exchange Movement, a training and mentoring organization for companies who want to develop, promote and retain women, and create inclusive workplaces. She’s been an advisor and executive coach to leaders of the nation’s fastest growing companies, has held leadership positions in several large corporations and is the founder of five successful businesses (and counting!) of her own. Maureen holds a Masters in Organizational Development. She’s the author of a five-book series, “Rock Your Moxie: Power Moves for Women Leading the Way,” hosts the monthly online workshop and podcast “Rock Your Moxie,” and has created a series of micro-learning courses for women. Her unconscious bias workshops and tools are used across the globe to interrupt bias and build inclusive workplaces. Mo has lived her life as a doer and risk-taker, too. She’s ridden camels in the Sahara Desert, jumped in the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye and completed two 36-hour ultra-team runs. She brings those experiences and approach to her work - getting people to think big, take action and move the dial on driving results for themselves and their teams.

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