Michal Rinkevich

A competitive swimmer for 14 years, Michal Rinkevich has learned and experienced firsthand the importance of mental preparation and training in optimizing performance. Realizing the potential of developing mental fitness in sports, business, and everyday life, she studied physiology and neuroscience, conducted brain and sleep research at SRI International, and investigated the powerful interplay between body and mind. Rinkevich started a center for health and self-fulfillment, and has been coaching and teaching mind-body techniques for nearly two decades. She recently completed her MBA at UCLA, during which she created mindfulness programs for MBA students, alumni and staff, and coached the 7th-ranked UCLA Gymnastics Team on stress management and mindfulness. As the Director of Wellness Services at BB&T, she now also consults on wellness strategy and designs employee well-being programs for corporate clients.


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Speaker Session:
Mogility - Exercise at your Desk!
Mogility - Exercise at your Desk!

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