Sinead Borgersen, Senior Mgr, HR Business Partner, CPO HR, Veritas Technologies LLC

Sinead Borgersen is aligned to several GM's as their main trusted HR Business Partner - advising them and enabling them to get what they need to get done, as quickly as possible globally. A very hands-on HR partner, Sinead works with the business on the long-term strategy to get them where they need to be, while also helping leaders manage their teams daily. Although raised in Ireland, Sinead felt instantly at home in Silicon Valley. She’s had many different careers outside of HR, and is passionate about cutting through red tape. Sinead never stops learning and just completed a Master of Library and Information Science degree because she believes in telling great stories. She is also passionate about data-driven decisions/information science and building hyperlinked communities. Sinead sits on several boards in the Bay Area, including Nova WorkForce and Santa Clara Employers Advisor Council. She is also an advocate for individuals with disabilities.

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