The #GoHRWest Sweepstakes

Go HR West 2016 Sweepstakes

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Participate NOW through Friday, February 26, 2016!

The HR West 2016  theme is “HR in the Most Innovative Place on Earth.” So let’s get innovative to create more awareness about HR West as well as our fantastic industry on social media.

HOW TO ENTER – Enter as often as you like, Share your love and excitement for HR West 2016, as well as the HR industry overall, with your colleagues, friends and the entire world, to accumulate points for a chance to win!

Post photos, videos, vines, gifs, graphics (featuring you, your colleagues, nature and your pets… etc.), plain old text or just “share and comment on” one of our HR West posts via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Vine and tag your content with #GoHRWest for your chances to win!  See more instructions below.

HOW TO WIN – The highest combination of retweets, likes, shares, comments and favorites (combined on all platforms) will be selected as the first, second, and third place winners respectively. The more you post (spam, of course, is not allowed), and the more your content is liked, retweeted, shared and or commented on the more points you earn = 1 point for each post and each engagement on each post.

WHO CAN ENTER?  Anyone who’s already registered, who is going to register or who might register for HR West 2016, as well as any or all HR professionals!


1st Place – Two Night Stay (March 7 and 8, 2016) at the Oakland Marriott City Center. Approximate $400 value – no cash value other than for reimbursement if hotel accommodations have been previously purchased.

2nd Place – $250 VISA Gift Card

3rd Place – Valet Parking at the Conference ($100 value)

More Instructions on how to enter:

  1. The Sweepstakes Entry period starts December 1, 2015 and ends at 5:00 p.m. PT on Friday, February 26, 2016 the “Entry Period”).
  3. Click here to register with NCHRA, if you are not already registered so we can contact you personally as a winner.
    Again, there is no purchase is necessary – if necessary, enter as a “non-member” (at $0 cost to you).
  4. Post / Tweet to Show Your Support for HR West 2016 using #GoHRWest…
    • On Facebook
      1. LIKE our Facebook Page:
      2. Using the Web: In the “Write something on this Page” window, click on: Add Photos/Video, then just upload from your computer. If your photo is already synched to your own Facebook profile you can also choose to “Add from Synched Photos or Videos.”  Include a comment if you’d like in the “Say something about this content…” area, and add #GoHRWest (you can also add #HRWest16, but #GoHRWest counts for the sweepstakes).
      3. Using your mobile device: You can upload your content to your own profile and add #GoHRWest (which should populate as a link so that the content will come up on a Facebook search).
    • Via Twitter, Instagram or Vine
      1. On Twitter follow @HRWestConf
        On Instagram* follow @HRWestConf
        On Vine* Follow @HRWestConf
        *Instagram and Vine social media channels are new for HR West!
      2. Post from your own handle** (account) on any or all platforms with #GoHRWest (if room, add #HRWest16 and @HRWestConf)
        Tip for Twitter users:  Use a very short description. Keep in mind that the less characters you use (about 110 or less including your media link), the more likely people will retweet and share!
        Tip for Vine: You can use your related Twitter account to “push and populate” your Vine over to Twitter (do not do this with Facebook, the media will only populate as a link).
        Tip for Instagram: Same as Vine above, but only the opposite. Share/push your content from Instagram to Facebook. Your Vines will not populate on Facebook and appear only as links.
      3. **Please use a personal or company related handle on any of these platforms so we can identify you as a winner if necessary. Your name and contact information, however, must be registered with NCHRA (as member or non-member).
    • You may submit more than one entry on one or both platforms as many times as you’d like.  However, daily or new entries must be unique from any other entry you submit.
    • The highest combination of retweets, likes, shares, comments and favorites (combined from all of the platforms you use) will be selected as the first, second, and third place winners respectively.
    • Winners will be contacted via phone and or email. Please remember to register (again, as a member or non-member) on the NCHRA website for that purpose.
    • NCHRA and HR West has the right to take down/refuse all content that it deems inappropriate or “spam-like” in nature.

Let’s get people talking about HR West 2016, and above all, the power of social media (Bay Area innovation) and HR!

Questions? Please email: Laurie Pehar Borsh

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